No Worries – Be Happy!

Class 2 have been reading a book called ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne.

Billy is a little boy who worries about everything. He goes to stay with his Grandma and she gives him some ‘Worry Dolls’. Billy tells all his worries to the worry dolls and he puts them under his pillow. That way all his worries are taken away.

Wathaq thinks Billy is a bit of a worrier, he thinks Billy worries about silly things. George also thinks Billy is silly but understands that sometimes you can’t help worrying.

Abigail thinks worry dolls are a good idea because they can be used by anyone in the family. Leyla has worry dolls of her own and she thinks they work well.

We all talked about having someone to tell our worries to. Ria says she would tell her worries to Mrs Mills. Joseph says he would talk to Mrs Brown. Carys says she would talk to her Mum and Dad. We all thought that it was very important to have someone to tell our worries to.