Oak and Ash class – Transition to Year 1

To support your child’s transition into Year 1 in September, we have put together a Transition Booklet – see below. We recommend you read through this with your child now, and again before you return in September. It will hopefully help to reduce some of the anxiety they may be feeling in the absence of a Transition day at school. Although many things will be familiar, it will show them their new learning environment and give them an insight into life in Year 1 and our expectations.
The booklet also includes a Collections sheet and a Balloon task which should be completed and returned to us before the end of term – either by email or drop into your current teacher for our attention.
The last page of the booklet also includes some homework for the summer holidays, to keep those important skills ticking over.

Finally, we would like to introduce ourselves in person and we look forward to meeting you all in September.