Open School visits for prospective parents

Are you looking for a school place for your child for September 2017? Do you want to come and look round William Ransom Primary School.

We are holding a series of open-school events where you can come and meet with Mrs Mary Driver, Headteacher and then our Year 6 pupils will show you around the school.

We have recently undergone a major building expansion to allow us to take 60 pupils into the reception classes. We have 2 classes of 30 pupils each working with 1 teacher and 2 teaching assistants. These are situated in our new block with a large, completely secure reception playground.

These visits are for adults only and usually last about an hour.

It will give you a unique opportunity to see the school at work.

If you are interested in visiting the school, please call the school office on 01462 624777 

Dates for the visits are as follows:

9th November 2016 at 9.15

10th November 2016 at 1.30

14th November 2016 at 1.30

15th November 2016 at 9.15

21st  November 2016 at 1.30

22nd  November 2016 at 9.15

30th November 2016 at 9.15

1st December 2016 at 1.30