Our fantastic solar system!

We have been learning about the planets this week. We looked at some non-fiction books to learn some facts and read some stories. Our favourite story this week was ‘Dogs in Space’. Everyone worked together to make a picture about the story.

Our writing this week has included a report on the potato harvest, the retelling of Wallace and Grommit’s making of a rocket and blasting off to the moon and their own story from watching a picture show entitled ‘The way back home’. Once again a few great Wow Words being used in their writing to add interest. Congratulations also to the children who are adding them into their homework sentences.

The children helped to make the play house into a rocket and have dressing up as astronauts to visit and explore the planets. Next week we are off to meet the aliens!

Harvesting our potatoes was great this year and gave us the chance to revisit minibeasts and discuss how and where creatures make their homes. The potato bags were a home to many minibeasts which scattered in all directions as the bags were cut open. Slugs, snails, ear-wigs, woodlice, spiders, a ladybird and ants were in the soil and on the leaves. When we had washed and weighed the potatoes the Rockets were the winners weighing in at 1100 grams with the local variety, Piccoloes 630 grams. They were cooked and eaten for snack.

Our maths this week was a lot of revisiting of areas covered earlier in the year. The recognition and naming of 3-D shapes was extremely poor. The sphere, cube, cuboid and cylinder were the four basic shapes covered and the children used clay to make these shapes as the properties were discussed. We will visit this area again next week.

Don’t forget from Monday all of the children will go straight into the infant playground in the morning and line up when the bell goes. All children should be in school by this time otherwise it is recorded as a late.