Our final day in Wales

Where has the week gone? Suddenly we are at Thursday evening; we’ve climbed mountains, jumped rivers, visited castles, played football on the beach and eaten ice creams!

Our final day is always action packed! We started at Harlech Castle, with a wonderful new entrance this year! We saw a film showing the action seen at the castle during the last 800 years and then walked across the new bridge. The children were then encouraged to become castle detectives and they used the skills learned at Caernarfon to discover facts about Harlech.

It is a beautiful spot and completely secure so the children are encouraged to use more independence without an adult breathing down their necks! After a final walk around the ramparts we visited our friends at The Castle Gift Shop; I am sure you will all be delighted with the egifts coming home! This was also our final chance for an ice cream, a lovely treat before heading to the beach!

The afternoon was spent on the beach! We started with lunch before anyone got too much sand in their sandwiches! Then they looked for signs of animal life on the beach before having a sand castle competition. I can honestly say that after 30 years of school journeys, these were the best sand castles I had seen. Each one came with a story and the structures were great!

No visit to the beach is complete without the obligatory game of football! The boys were keen to know why I had bought a football; they thought it was a present for Mr Driver  (Oh! I knew I’d forgotten something!!) No it was for football and with Mrs Hall as the referee the game got underway! There was a lot of chasing after a ball and a lot of falling in the sand and the eventual score was 2 all! Very diplomatic!

Time for one final activity! A quick run down the dunes, just to experience that freedom! There were a few tumbles but no broken bones and everyone loved it … yes, even some of us!!

The house is now quiet and everyone is asleep and it gives me a chance to reflect on the week! The weather has been kind to us and your children have been fantastic! They have been good company and have shown us what they are truly capable of! They have worked hard and all of them have grown up! They have had to be independent and they have been taken out of their comfort zone!

They have been a pleasure to take away; we have been complimented on their behaviour and their manners, so thank you for trusting us to look after them!