Our Pizza Express Experience

On Tuesday 2nd June 2015 Class 3/4 went to Pizza Express. We left school at 8.50am. It took us 20 minutes to walk there.

When we got there the waitress, Wendy told us the history of Pizza Express. It first started in 1965 and a man called Peter Boizot started it. There are over 500 Pizza Expresses all over the world.

How they make their pizzas: The ingredients of the dough is flour, salt, water and yeast. We had to get some flour on our table and cover the dough in flour. Then we had to stretch it and put it in a pan. We then put our toppings on which was tomato sauce, mozerella and basil. They cook it for 3 1/2 minutes at 3770 degrees celsuis!

Coming back to school, we had to hold our pizzas carefully incase we dropped it. It took 20 minutes to walk back. We stacked our pizzas in the dining hall and took them home for tea.

By Lily


Our trip to Pizza Express

On Tuesday 2nd June we went to Pizza Express to make some pizzas. When we got there we took our coats off. After that we sat on a chair and the pizziola (chef) poured some flour on the table. Next the chef gave us some dough and we had to squash the dough out into a circle.

After that we picked it up and threw it between our hands to stretch it further. Next we put it carefully into a pan. It looks easily, but trust me it isn't!  After that wew put some tomato sauce on it and some cheese. We put some basil and pepper on it too.

They call the margherita pizza the 'Queen of Pizzas'. The pizzas took 3 1/2 minutes to cook at 370 degrees and the oven hold 27 pizzas.

By Samuel