Out in the sunshine scooting and looking for spring.

A few lovely days were a great opportunity to get out into the local area and look for signs of spring.

Having joined the RSPB ‘Wild Square’ project for exploring nature last year, the children went out with their surveys looking for signs of spring. They wrote about their walk and we looked at non-fiction books about spring to see other evidence that spring is here. The children used the cameras and I-pads to take photographs.

In literacy the children read a book called Sebastian’s Waddle on the Sebastian Swan website. They compared the signs of spring found by the children around the school area to what Sebastian swan found around his lake.

The Potato Council’s potato growing competition is now well under way. The potatoes that had been ‘chitting’ for two weeks are now planted in the black bags provided and the daily gardeners will water them and top up the soil when required.

With just two weeks left of this term the children in reception have nearly finished their work on houses. This week we looked at the children’s bedrooms in Show and Tell and well done to those children who attempted to sketch them. The photographs were really useful and stimulated the children to ask lots of questions in addition to giving a focus as the children talked about their bedroom. We looked at the picture by Van Gogh of his bedroom at Arles. Remember next week we are talking about our gardens and I would really appreciate it if everyone has a photo or drawing of their garden to show as they talk. Please remember ‘Show and Tell’ is on Tuesday.

Maths this week has been learning about number bonds to 5 and then to 10. We played a game on the internet which the children enjoyed. If you have access to a computer your child would find the practise beneficial. They can use their fingers or equipment to work out the answers initially; they should be working towards a speedy recall of the number facts. http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/numberbond.html.

Thank you to everyone for your support of Sport Relief on Friday. The reception children raised £52.50 and really enjoyed scooting the mile. Josie won the medal for the most competent scooting. The sports quiz was completed by all children. Although they are young, between the class members they knew all of the answers. Callum was our highest scorer with seven out of ten correct.

Have a good weekend. Why don’t you go for a walk in the sunshine and see if you can see any more signs of spring!