Overview of the results of the NFER Parent survey 2012-2013

Thank you to the 76 parents who completed the survey. This is a higher number than last year but we hope that many more of you will complete the survey in the next academic year as it is a great opportunity for parents to review what we do in school and tell us what they think.

We have reviewed this year’s survey and here is a summary of the results:


• School’s test results
• Pupil behaviour and discipline; staff have a consistent and effective approach to dealing with behavioural issues
• School’s canteen and the wide variety of food provided
• Supporting pupils when they first join the school and supporting them throughout their time here
• Encouraging the pupils to work hard and be proud of their achievements
• Staff and Senior Leadership Team do a fantastic job
• ICT facilities
• Sports and clubs on offer
• Curriculum and trips
• Governors
• Teacher/pupil/parent relationship and communication
• Music and Drama


• Out-of-school-hours clubs and activities including breakfast club.
This has come up a lot and some parents would like to know whether there is scope for a breakfast club and ‘wrap-around’ care. Unfortunately this is something we cannot provide, currently, as we have limited space and adult supervision.

• Amount of homework, particularly in Reception class.
Homework is set to consolidate learning that has occurred in class. It is an opportunity for pupils to experiment/investigate on their own and not be guided by teachers all the time. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s learning and to see the work carried out in class. Concepts can be learned in class but skills need to be practiced to become an expert. The homework, in Reception class, can be overwhelming at first but a consistent approach can make the experience positive for all and it is important that pupils get into the habit of doing homework. Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher if you need support or advice; parents of older pupils are also a great source of help in advising you on ways of tackling homework.

It is always a pleasure to see that so many parents are delighted with the work that goes on in school. They appreciate all the hard work that goes into ensuring that their children are happy and are focused in their learning.

Mrs Driver and the governors value your comments and opinions and every concern is looked into and we hope that many more of you will take part next year.


Funda Shibli