Pancakes, parachutes, a trip to Letchworth library and World Book Day… What a busy week in Reception!

On Monday, all of KS1 had a storytelling session exploring the story of The Monkeys and the Hats. Reception made their own hats and used these to join in with the retelling of the story.

Tuesday was a VERY busy day for Ash class as we made and enjoyed pancakes in the morning, then went on a trip to Letchworth library in the afternoon. At the library, we learned about getting a library card and that this would allow us to borrow up to 30 books!! The children enjoyed exploring the library’s collection of books and listened to a few stories. It was a bit of a rush getting back to the train station on time but we made it. The children were rather tired after our rather exciting day and there were a few grumbles as we trudged back to school in the rain but, overall, I think fun was had by all.

On Wednesday, we were learning about time. The children made their own clocks to take home so I hope you’ve been practising their o’clock times with them. We also learned about hygiene and why it is so important to wash our hands. Miss Barnett did a ‘sneeze’ but used glitter to represent the germs on her hand. We were surprised to see how easily these germs spread when she shook hands with the children or touched anything in the classroom. We then set up an experiment using pieces of potato. In groups, we handled a piece of potato before washing our hands and put it into a sealed bag. We then washed our hands thoroughly, singing our special handwashing song, before handling another piece of potato and putting it into a sealed bag. The children have predicted that the potato we handled before washing our hands will go mouldy more quickly as it will have more germs on it. We also talked about how it is OK to have germs on our hands as long as we remember to wash our hands at important times in the day, such as before eating and after we go to the toilet, and that we don’t put our hands in our mouths.

The children looked great in their costumes on Thursday so thank you for your efforts. We sang songs by Julia Donaldson and enjoyed guessing who everyone was dressed as. The children also shared their favourite books with their friends and wrote about why they liked them.

Throughout the week, the children made model straw, stick and brick houses after hearing the story of The Three Pigs. On Friday, we tested out different ‘houses’ against Miss Barnett’s huffing, puffing wolf.  Our lego brick house was the only house that we couldn’t blow down.