Pizza Perfect!

Today Beech Class received a pizza making master class at Pizza Express in Hitchin.

The 27 strong class donned their chef's hats and aprons to firstly stretch their dough into a larger circle ready for the tin.

It is harder than it looks! You have to gently knead and entice the springy dough, taking care not to make it too thin that holes appear.

Next the tomato sauce is poured on top. But no spreading spoons allowed. The sauce, which comes from 500 Italian tomatoes squished into a can, is shaken and turned until it covers the pizza.

To make a Margherita, cubes of cheese are sprinkled across the top.

18 pizzas can be cooked at a time for 4 minutes at 321 degrees!

It was a great trip. We are all very grateful to the staff at Pizza Express, particularly Wendy. Mrs Burr ate half her pizza for lunch. Mrs Webb had a slice with  a cuppa after break and Mrs Bassindale is going to eat hers tonight for tea.