Qualified Pizzaiola’s from Class 3/4

Today Class3/4 became qualified pizza chef’s – Pizzaiola’s – after visiting Pizza Express for a pizza-making masterclass.

All 32 children were treated to a fantastic morning where they got to spread their ball of pizza dough into the correct shape. Harder than it looks! Some ended up looking like rectangles, rather than circles (Mrs Burr’s!) and others developed rather large holes!

Then the dough was slapped to rid it of any excess flour and placed into a greased baking tin. Shaping the crust was fun as there were crusts of all thicknesses.

Next we all received a spoonful of passata, made with tomatoes, basil, pepper and salt and we had to shake it around the pizza, to cover the whole circle.

After a generous handful of cheese, the pizzas were complete and ready for their 7 minutes in the oven.

We had a great morning where we truly got stuck in and learnt lots about how a restaurant operates and how pizzas are made.

Our thanks go to Giosa and James for making the morning so memorable.