Rachel gives us her outline of the week in Class 5/6W

This week in Class 5/6W a lot of exciting events have happened. On Monday were preparing an exciting science experiment. We were testing if the amount of sugar and what sugar made a difference to the same amount of water would dissolve or not. Then we prepared for if the stirring made a difference to the water or not. With the sugar in it we started to test the amount of water. This experiment would then be done on Friday.

On Wednesday the girl’s football team went to Ickleford School to have a football match against Ickleford. It was 12 minutes a side. We started at 4:45pm. The team of girls were: Rachel [captain], Lauren [GK], Annabel, Rhea, Catherine, Zoe, Rebecca, Ella and Lauren P. The game started then Annabel made a great set up for Rachel and with her left foot we scored and were 1-0 up. As Lauren P does some great defending she passed the ball down the line and Rachel took the defenders on herself and scores making us 2-0 up. Just before the second half Annabel scores a great goal through there keeper’s legs so we were with a healthy 3-0 up going into the second half. Minutes in Catherine take the goalie on and scores. Ickleford make the break through just chipping it over Laurens [goalie] head and they start their goals. At the end of the game we won 4-1.

The next day on Thursday Rev Andrew collected up all the shoeboxes that we had made and decorated with lots of gifts in to go to people in poor countries. At the end of assembly the year 6’s lined up from the hall to Andrew’s car and passed them along. In the end the final amount of shoe boxes collected were 159 which was amazing! Andrew is very impressed by the amount of shoe boxes collected. It was a great achievement and now they will go off to less fortunate people in time for Christmas. Thank you everyone for your support in this great achievement!

On Friday it was time for 4 people to go out and make Christmas cake. This week it was Lauren, Thomas, Oliver and Ella. Every week we make Christmas cake building up to Christmas then we decorate and most importantly take them home to eat. Next it was time for our science experiment that we had prepared on Monday and got in to four groups to pick which experiment we wanted to do. We used a syringe after doing the experiment to separate the water. We had about half an hour to try it. In most groups the water dissolved. Everyone had fun doing this experiment. Then we had to do this again repeating the same process. After that we wrote up the conclusion to finish it off. It was an exciting week in class 5/6w.