Read Class 3/4s Book Reviews

Tom Gates’ Excellent Excuses, by L Pichon

Tom Gates is a 9 year old boy who loves caramel wafers and he hates Marcus Meldrew. Marcus likes to annoy Tom. Also he loves doodling and his favourite band is Duck 3. He plays for a band called Dogzombies. He has got a sister called Delia and she always wears sunglasses. Tom is always thinking of ideas to annoy her.

By Edward

Disney Treasury Storybook

This is my favourite book because it has all my favourite stories in it. I like to read it to my baby brother. The pictures are funny and colourful. There are five different stories in this book. The stories are: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, A Bugs’ Life, Monster Inc and The Incredibles. My favourite is Monsters Inc.

By Eve

Snow Queen, by Hanns Christian Anderson

This is my favourite book and it is about a boy who gets trapped by the Snow Queen and has to solve a riddle to get out of the Snow Queen’s castle. His friend comes to look for him, when Gereda finds him, they solve the riddle together and are then free. That is my favourite part too.

By Maiya

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, by John Boyne

I like this book because it is interesting to find out what happened in the Second World War to children. I am the same age as Bruno and Shmuel who are the main characters. I feel very sad because they shouldn’t have to die that way.

By Oliver


I really like this book because it tells about the lives of the Egyptians. The book tells us how they were looked after, after they died. For example the doctors took the kings’ brains out of their noses with a special instrument and wrapped the kings in bandages and put glue over them. This book shows pictures of how doctors did this work. The book also tells us how the pyramids were built. It took thousands and thousands of men to carve the massive stones needed to build the king’s tombs for them to reach the afterlife.

By Matthew

Facts on Animals

I like this fact book because I like animals and I like learning new things and I also like looking at the interesting pictures. Here is an interesting fact…most insects do not use their mouths to make sounds, instead they rub their wings or legs tougher to make a noise.

By Alana

Billionaire Boy, by David Walliams

Joe Spud and Mr Spud are ridiculously rich. Mr Spud works in a loo roll factory and Joe went to a really rich school. He had to wear a silly uniform. He didn’t have any friends, because he was a spoilt brat but he didn’t know he was one. Any friends he did make, soon realised that they didn’t really like him because he was a spoilt brat. His main best friend was Bob. Bob’s mum and Joe’s dad got married in the end so Bob and Joe became stepbrothers.

By Sophie

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by JK Rowling

I am reading the fourth Harry Potter book and it is my favourite because it’s adventurous and it is action packed. I like Ginny Weasley because she is never spiteful to anyone and is always kind. I like the bit when Harry’s name comes out of the goblet and when he does the tournament.

By Annabel

Harvey the Boy Who Couldn’t Fart, by Matthew Johnstone

I like this book because it’s funny and everybody in his family can fart, even his cat can, but he can’t.

By Megan

Mysteries According to Humphrey, by Betty Birney

This is a great book, it is about a hamster who can read and write and he collects clues about a missing teacher. I think personally that everyone should read this book because it is funny and makes me laugh and smile. My favourite bit of the book was when Mrs Brisbane the teacher came back and told everybody what had happened. I have read some of the other books about Humphrey the hamster, but this is one is my favourite.

By Amelia

The Lost Wolf, by Michael Morpurgo

The Lost Wolf is my favourite book because it is about a wolf which is my favourite animal. I found it very interesting as they become best friends who escape to America because England and Scotland are fighting and they end up living happily with the wolf going back to the wild.

By Callum

The Circus of Adventures, by Enid Blyton

I like the Circus of Adventure because it is set in a different country called Tanu Hessia. I also like it because there are a lot of strange creatures in it. It is part of a series and is by Enid Blyton. Some of the children in it are captured along with the prince of Tanu Hessia. It gives me pictures in my head and makes me think a lot.

By Alina

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney

I enjoy reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid because Gregg the boy in the story is around my age. I like the way the book is illustrated to look like a comic. The pictures help me imagine what is happening in the story while I am reading it.

By Sam

George’s marvellous medicine, by Roald Dahl

I like this book because it’s funny. My favourite character is George because he is clever and always the smart one. I like the way he makes the medicine and describes what it looks like. My favourite part in the story is when he goes into all the different rooms to get the stuff for the medicine.

By Toby

George’s marvellous Medicine is a well-known fiction book written by a famous author, Roald Dahl and illustrated by famous illustrator/author, Quentin Blake. My favourite part which makes me laugh is when George tries his dangerous medicine on his grumpy grandma and she shoots up through the roof. The book has great illustrations and is described very well.

By Srihan

Gangsta Granny, by David Walliams

I like this book because the author puts in funny words and uses great describing words. My favourite part is when Raj (a newsagent) tries to sell things to Ben. It’s quite sad at the end…

By Archie

Titus Rules Ok, by Dick King-Smith

My favourite book is Titus Rules OK. I like it because it is about the Queen’s best dog and it has lots of funny stuff in it. It also has lots of problem solving which I like. I really like Titus because he is very funny and clever.

By Danny

From Russia with Love, by Ian Fleming

The story is about a top secret agent, James Bond, code name 007. A Russian secret assassination group called SMERSH want to make the English look bad and set a trap to trick James Bond into stealing their decoding machine, Spektor, in Istanbul, Turkey.

James Bond steals the machine and boards the Orient Express train where he is followed by an Irish serial killer and chief of Smersh.

During a long train ride from Turkey, James Bond, finally kills the baddie in a big battle. My favourite part of the book is the battle between Bond and the baddie on the train.

By Luke

Dinosaur Cove, by Rex Stone

My favourite book series is Dinosaur Cove, but my particular favourite is Charge of the Three-horned Monster and it is book number 2. I like the book because of the map at the back of the book which shows the boys’ route round Dinosaur Cove. I also like the book because they have lots of action in it. They go down a waterfall and they go through some termite mounds. The three horned monster is a Triceratops.

By George

Tom Gates, by L Pichon

Tom gates is my favourite book because it makes me laugh and they’ve got a band called Dogzombies. My favourite song is Delia’s as it is weird and very funny. The funniest things are a lady called Mrs Worthington, who has a moustache and Tom’s teacher called Mr Fullerman, who has beady eyes.

By Sam BR>

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

I have chosen this book because it is adventurous and even though you would think it is scary, I don’t think it is. I watched the film first and the book has the same amount of information. My favourite character is Ron because he is funny, who is yours?

By Isabella

Horrid Henry’s Wild Ways, by Francesca Simon

I like this book because it really creates a picture in your mind. It is simple to read and sometimes give me ideas. The main characters are Perfect Peter and Horrid Henry. Perfect Peter is always doing the right thing and his older brother is totally the opposite. Tony Ross illustrations look like they are animated.

By Gurman