Reception class visit Stevenage Museum to investigate toys.

A trip on the train was a great start to the outing and the children enjoyed waiting for their train and watching the fast trains speed through the station. With trains running to time and helpful guards the one stop trip to Stevenage went brilliantly and the walk through the town to the museum went well.

The children were introduced to two Victorian children who would have played with many of the old toys that the children were about to handle. A short introduction with pictures and they were soon divided into groups investigating old and new toys. There was plenty of talking and handling of the toys to discuss what they were made of and how they worked. The children found the comparison of the same toy one old and one new very interesting. They looked at hoops, cup and ball and dolls from different periods of history.

The workshop ended with an introduction to the sort of clothes a Victorian child would wear and an opportunity for Maddie and Thomas to try on them on.

A packed lunch was of course the main event of the day and then the journey back to school. A really worthwhile experience for the children and at a very reasonable price, so hopefully everyone was happy.