Recycled Fashion Club

Displaying the wonderful outfits they had created, our fledging designers glided down the catwalk on Saturday 2nd March at St Christopher's School.

With only 5 sessions at school, the children had all worked tirelessly at home to ensure everything was ready for the show.  This year’s theme was ‘New Frontiers: Visions for the future’ and our focus was on a plastic free future to save the sea life that is currently being destroyed.

Using techniques with an iron, the children learnt how to create a bubble effect on plastic bottles and how to stick plastic to plastic.

The day of the show is always a very long one and can be very tiring. We rehearse in the afternoon, get ready, do the show and then have the agonising wait for the judges’ decision as to who has made it into the final and the exhibition that goes on display in Letchworth.

We were fortunate to have three entries into the final and a total of four outfits in the exhibition that starts this weekend.

It was a great day; the children were amazing and should be very proud of their hard work.