Recycled Fashion Heroes

Willow Class spent Thursday making their recycled fashion superhero costumes and then performed a fashion show to the whole school on Friday!

The class worked really hard, using the plans and diagrams they had made to bring their recycled superheroes to life. 

Many worked in groups and the teamwork in evidence was superb. The childrem were extremely focused and completed all of the work independently (bar an adult on the glue gun!). 

We had decided in a previous lesson that Recycled Fashion could be made from any items that were no longer of use and would be disposed on, be it in landfill, recycling or a charity shop. Therefore the designers had not only carrier bags, boxes, foil and plastic trays but they also had scraps of material. 

The theme was recycling superheroes and the class let their imaginations run wild with great names, super powers and gadgets. 

The class worked so hard that they achieved their objectives (to make a cape, mask and utility belt) before the day was out – in fact before lunch!!

Mrs Burr, Mrs Bassindale and Mrs Haliwell are so proud of the children and how and what they achieved.