Recycling the rubbish to make fashion

On the first day back after the Easter holidays, Class 4/5 spent the day making outfits from household rubbish as part of their DT work, as well as being linked to their Geography project on Waste and Recycling.

Weeks before, they were asked to think about what sort of outfit they would like to design and to start collecting the items they would need for it. Some children chose to work togther while others made their costumes independently. The ideas ranged from footballers to cheerleaders to simple fashionable outfits and were as diverese as the children's own imaginations.

They all thought deeply about their designs and worked hard on the day to bring their creations together. The next day, they put their outfits on the practise their catwalk show which they put on twice at assembly time, once for KS1 and a second time for KS2. It was clear to see how much they enjoyed showing off their designs to the rest of the school, and the entire class were great when it came to taking everything home to be recycled.

So remember this moment when they become famous fashion designers! They started at William Ransom!