Rehearsals for Blast Off are ready for ‘Take Off’

Most of Key Stage 2 have been practising Blast Off which is our summer production. The rehearsal was after school on Tuesday and Thursday going through different songs with actions and scenes and all the principals had to learn their lines off by heart. We have completed the whole of Blast Off and now just need to tidy it up a bit. On Monday we are going to do a run through the whole show in costume in the afternoon. Everyone has made a lot of effort trying to make it to every rehearsal, even cancelling some of their clubs. It has been great fun learning all the different songs, watching all the scenes the principals do and I also enjoyed learning all the different actions and dancing, which I am sure lots of other people enjoyed too. Lots of the principals are looking forward to trying on their costumes especially the aliens because they can be really wacky! In one of the songs the alien principals get to have fake guitars and one of them has a keyboard. Mrs Taylor is a one of the main characters played by Chloe and the other main character is Mr Jones played by Craig. I’m sure everyone has enjoyed themselves and can’t wait to perform in front of all the parents. I’m looking forward to the different songs with actions in fun costumes dancing around on stage! Also I’m excited to listening to all the characters say all their lines and doing their songs happily.

By Katie

On some Thursdays and Tuesdays in school and after school most people from Key Stage Two have been rehearsing our summer play, Blast Off. Now we have learnt the whole play and on our way to completing a whole run-through without breaks. Recently we have been learning actions to the songs we have learnt. The two most main characters are Mr Jones (Craig Rafferty) and Mrs Taylor (Chloe Moriarty). No one is allowed their script anymore and therefore have to learn their words off by heart. Hopefully everyone is going to be great on the night of the show and get a big round of applause. We hope everyone enjoys watching our show. Everyone in Blast Off has worked extremely hard missing clubs to come to rehearsals. Some people have been coming to every rehearsal and know everything! On Monday the 7th we will be doing a complete run-through in costume. We have done Blast Off before but no one in the school at the moment has been in it. We have had a lot of fun learning Blast Off and think we should do it again as a summer play. In Blast Off there are six children that go to space with Mr Jones and five main aliens that the children meet in space. There are also news reporters and media men. There is a white hole (Lauren Davis) and a Black hole (Louix West). The white hole is the good hole and the black is the bad hole. I hope everyone enjoys our show.

By Francesca