Rocket Seed Science Experiment

Class 5/6A received two packets of seeds in May. One packet was blue and the other was red. One of the packets had been to space with Tim Peake but we didn’t know which ones! It was part of an experiment to see if we can plant seeds in space in the future.

Once the seeds arrived at our school everyone was very excited. We had a science lesson where we were split into teams (red and blue) and within the teams we were put into four smaller groups. Each group had a tray where we planted 25 seeds into soil. In total there were 100 seeds in each pack.

 We watered the seeds and then put them by the window. After a couple of days some of the seeds started to germinate. We recorded how many seeds had germinated after several days on a chart.

We watered them but some of them wilted because it had been very warm. We then recorded how many were still alive.  Then Miss Ayliffe sent off our results as well as some other schools from around Great Britain.

Finally on the 23rd June we found out that the blue seed packet had been to space even though most people thought that the red ones had been to space.

Everybody enjoyed it and it was very fun and interesting.

By Callum Soley and Ela Shibli (5/6A)