School Journey 2013 – Thursday’s Blog

Alex P Gives Her Impressions

Today we went to Harlech castle and beach. My favourite part of the day was visiting the hot sunny beach. I loved going up into the sand dunes and learning about how they were formed. Wind blows up the beach from the south west and the marron grass stops it there creating a mini mountain of sand. We even tried to make our own sand dunes by sticking a twig into the sand (this represents the marron grass) and putting our chins on the sand to then blow towards the twig creating a little pile of sand just beyond the twig. Unfortunately mine wasn’t very successful! We then got to climb up the dune and run down a really steep hill which was great fun, we all got covered in sand!

I also loved playing football even though I’m not really very good! We played a game 5/6M v 5/6D (I’m in 5/6D) and Mrs Driver was the referee. We won 4-2 but the game was very tight.

We also did a sand sculpture competition which I loved as well. I was with Lizzie, Shaan, Lewis and Sammy and we made a fish with shells as scales.

Overall I thought it was a great day and I really enjoyed all of it.

Libby’s Thoughts on Today

My favourite part of the day was exploring Harlech castle. You could see all the bits that were still standing and where lots of parts had rotted away. It is an English Castle that was built a very long time ago. It was conquered in 1404 by the Welsh.

I liked looking at the old chimneys and fireplaces in the rooms where the most important people lived. We could see the grooves where the portcullises were and the arrow slits and the moat. When the castle was in action the sea could touch the castle walls. Now it is a bit far away.

After we finished taking in notes we had an ice cream – It was scrumptious!

And Josiah’s Thoughts

I have had a great day! The best part of the day was playing football on the beach with my friends. We played in our class teams and I was playing for 5/6M. Mrs Driver was the referee for the day and she was not very good! This might be because she doesn’t know how to play football. I played everywhere and I managed to save a goal.

We also had a sand sculpture competition and I was with Jessica, Jake, William and Tom Smith. We made a 3D octopus and a sun. I thought they looked good.

Mr Williams explained how the sand dunes were made and he let us run down them. I was scared at first and then it was good fun.

School Journey is amazing!

Tom J Enjoyed the Football Match

We had a fantastic day! My favourite bit of the day was the footy match, even though we lost. The teams were 5/6D v 5/6M. The referee was Mrs Driver and both teams had teachers on them. I played for 56M and Mr Mills was our teacher on our team.

The game started by Mrs Driver throwing the ball up in the air. It was very tense. We all charged in. The ball kept going back and forth but, 56M scored! We went crazy, even though Mrs Diver said not too.

We did not have the lead from long though as 5/6D scored a great goal! We brought the ball back to the centre. We started the game again quickly.

It was so quick I can’t really remember a lot but I can remember that 5/6D won the 4-2. I was disappointed. But, it was just a bit fun. I wish we could have won though!

Finally, Samir’s Thoughts

We had a great day at Harlech. My favourite part of the day was on the beach at Harlech. My favourite thing we did on the beach was when we played football.

The teams were 5/6M vs 5/6D and I was playing for 56d.At the start of the match they were one nil up after a few seconds. After that we thought that the game would be over by now and that they would win the match. When I thought it was over I was wrong because minutes later we were winning. After that the games was a bit boring because the ball kept on going back and forth and it was hard to really do anything.

Minutes flew by and we were in the lead and it was the closing minutes then Reece scored a goal that sealed it.

I had a great day at Harlech beach today and I really enjoyed it and I don’t want to leave the Plas tomorrow.