Scooting for ‘Sport Relief’ in reception

Scooting for 'Sport Relief' was an enjoyable physical activity this week, as the reception    children concluding their work on houses and investigated the arrival of spring.  The  mile was completed by everyone and although it  provided a stamina challenge for some, it raised £30 for the charity.

        It was necessary this week to do some assessment tasks and observations to see how everyone is progressing with their maths and literacy skills, in line with the rest of the school. To enable the children to have adequate support with these tasks, the children were split into two groups and over Monday and Thursday morning the two halves did their tests and went on two walks. Monday’s walk was to look for and record evidence of spring having arrived and Thursday’s walk was to identify and record the different types of houses in the locality.

      Show and Tell this week was about our bedrooms and well done to those children who had provided a photograph or drawing of their bedroom to enhance their talk. This was a great follow on from looking at Van Gogh’s famous picture of his bedroom when he lived in Arles. There is no more Show and Tell until after the holiday.

     The clay houses are painted and varnished and will come home soon. We also learnt about St. Patrick’s Day which was on Thursday.

      It was great to see so many of you visiting the class during Open Morning. The children worked well and hopefully you had a glimpse of a couple of the more formal activities that take place. Unfortunately the more open ended investigative activities are too difficult to organise for an open morning. This  is because there is not sufficient room for 30 children to be moving around in a room full of adults and younger children.

       Next week during our four days in school, we will be thinking and learning about Easter. Have an enjoyable weekend and we will see you all on Monday.