Shiver me timbers! Pirates take over Ash class

Today the children in Ash class seemed to have been replaced by pirates!!
The day started with important pirate activities such as making the food for our pirate party. The children made their own sandwich and decorated a cake. After break, there was treasure to earn. The children had to work together to decipher a secret clue using the pirate code. The clue then told them where to look for their next pirate task, which was a sheet of coded sums. Again they had to use a code to find out the sums they had to do then work the answers out. If they managed all this they were rewarded with 'treasure'.

After lunch, we went outside for pirate games including a race across the 'sea' from one island to another. The children were given two 'rafts' (mats) and had to work with their partner to cross the sea making sure that they did not step in the water where hungry sharks were lurking. It did take them a little while to work out the quickest way across but we all got there in the end! Then it was back to the classroom to enjoy our sandwiches and cakes, as well as a dance and some singing. We were very excited to find that Derek and Spike (our class dinosaurs) had come back to join us and they were dressed for the occasion. It's been a while since we have seen Derek and Spike as they have been travelling around the world in an alien spaceship (it's a long story-one which I hope the children have been keeping you up to date with as they have been very excited by our related classwork this half term). As the sun had come out for the afternoon, we also had a frozen treat to cool us down!

Much fun has been had today but we are looking forward to having children rather than pirates back in Ash class tomorrow! After all the excitement of today, I hope they all sleep well and are rested ready to meet their new teachers in the morning. I don't think the adults will have much trouble sleeping tonight as it has been a lovely but rather tiring day.