Sing! Sing! Sing! Class 4/5’s visit to Princess Helena

Last Wednesday Class 4/5 went along to Princess Helena College for a singing workshop with three other schools from the area. This is the third year in a row that our school has attended, enjoying a new selection of songs each time.

The day began with a warm up for their bodies and faces as well as their voices before it was time to start learning the songs. After a short break they had to learn the rest of songs ready to perform in a concert at the end of day. Once they had had lunch all four schools were put on the stage to practise the running order before the parents joined us for the final performance.

It was great to hear everyone singing and for the children to be learning something new in the exciting environment of a secondary school. Here is what some of them had to say about the day…

At Princess Helena College we were singing all day it was fun. There were lots of actions. Hopefully Miss Eldridge will book more school trips like this. Harman

Today we went to Princess Helena College and did lots of singing, it was very fun. With some of the songs we did movements. At the end we had a concert and all the parents came to watch it and Mrs Driver. There were other schools there and I really enjoyed it.  All the parents did the movements with us, they had to stand up and sit down a lot! It was amazing! Isabella Mae

At the singing workshop, we sang lots of fun songs like John Kanakanaka, it was great. There were lots of fun actions including tapping our hands onto our knees and the children next to us. I hope that Miss Eldridge books more trips like this in the future. Harry

On Wednesday class 4/5 went to Princess Helena to do a singing workshop. A man called Rufus taught us the songs. My favourite song we sang was This Little Light of Mine. There were some other schools that came to sing as well. Then we learnt some very weird sounds for example “fffffff”. When we were on the stage we had to sing every song we learnt. I really enjoyed the singing workshop. Ela