Singing Workshop – Willow Class

On Monday, Willow Class took part in a singing workshop at PHC.  Below are some of the children's blogs from the day.

A first step into the PHC hall and I could tell this was going to be a great day. We sang lots of songs and took time to sort out the different types of pitches in our voices. Most of the songs were in different languages and sounded a bit silly but had a nice fast tune. I liked the bit where we got some action into it on one of the songs. At the end, we did a performance of what we had learnt during the day. The singing practice was excellent, with new and already known songs, which I think is the best combination of songs for me. 

By Eliott D

On Monday, Willow Class went to PHC for a singing workshop.  We were joined by two other classes from other schools.  The workshop lasted all day and we did lots of singing.  During the trip we learned six different songs line by line.  Once we had rehearsed them, we put on a mini concert for our parents who even had a chance to join in .  I had an amazing time.  My favourite part of the day was doing the actions that went along with the songs. 

By Isobel S

On Monday 5th November, Willow Class visitied PHC and took part in a singing workshop.  We learned a selection of songs; some of which were fast and fun and some were slow and peaceful.  Although, some songs were tricky because of high and low pitches.  Soon after, we ate lunch together and had a run around outside.  We rehearsed for the show which we performed to the audience.  Before we knew it, it was time to go home.  It was a great school trip.

By Isabella W

On Monay morning, Willow Class went to PHC to do some lovely singing.  We learned six songs and they were all different.  One called 'Stome Ome Milo' was a very quick song and was a bit hard to keep up with.  Another song, called 'Great Day', was much slower but fun to sing.  In the afternoon, we performed a concert to our family.  At first, I was a little bit nervous but when I got going I felt really confident.  It was exciting and I would love to do it again. 

By Henry S

Due to other schools taking part,  we were unable to film any singing on the day so, when we got back to school, we recorded one of our favourite songs to share on the website.