Some research for 5/6M and 5/6D

Some Homework!

I am sure you will all get bored (or cold) at some point playing in the snow and so here a couple of things to keep you going:

1. Technology: We are going to start designing our bridges in Technology on Friday. What I would like you to do is to follow up my presentation in our last lesson, and do some research yourselves:

*Find out about the different types of bridge. Present your research in any format you want, but it should include images that are labelled and also imformation about history and strength etc. You should also look to find out about one particular bridge in detail and include this. Where is it? What type of bridge is it? Why is it needed? When was it built?

(Perhaps you could use Prezi to present your work? Just a thought!)

2. Maths: Make sure you are all up to date with the MyMaths that was set on different ways to present data. Perhaps you could also look at Manga High for some more tasks.

3. ICT: Please refer to my post yesterday about making a few digital images of a ‘younger you’ available so that we can start a short presentation in ICT on your biographies.

Don’t forget, when you are out in the snow, to send in your photos for the website. There were some great ones yesterday and on Saturday. Anyone who sent one in can certainly have a stickers and housepoints!

Any questions, then please get back to me.