Speed Stacking Success!

On Saturday the 14th of February I entered the UK Sport Stacking Championships.

                We arrived early at The Nobel School in Stevenage and warmed up with some of the world record holders! There was supposed to be another girl in my age category but she didn’t turn up!

                 After warming up for a long time, one by one we got called in to the competition hall for the prelims. The prelims meant that we had to beat a certain time to get through to the finals in the afternoon.

                I finally got called in to the hall (which was very noisy) and had two trials and three official tries. We had to do three sequences which were the: 3-3-3, 3-6-3 and the cycle.  Unfortunately, I had a wobbly table so the judges had to fix it which was quite distracting for me and made me fumble a bit but I did manage a clear round.

                 We had a lunch break before we found out if we were in the finals or not and luckily, I was.

                Next, I warmed up ready to compete in the finals and managed a new personal best time in the cycle, what a shame this was just a practice!  Once again, we were called in category order. I felt better this time as I didn’t have a wobbly table. I fumbled a few times as I was nervous but managed good times in all sequences.

                Finally, we all sat in the spectators’ chairs and found out which medals we had won and I achieved three gold medals for all three sequences. I don’t know if I got through to the World Championships yet because WSSA (World Sport Stacking Association) have to check everyone’s times independently and verify the videos to see if I am going through and invited on to Team GB. The World Championships are in Canada in the Easter holidays!

                Overall, I had a great time and enjoyed every part of it.