Spiders our new theme and not a live spider in sight!

The reception children already knew a lot about our eight legged friends but through non-fiction books, e-books and websites lots of new interesting information has been learnt. We also looked at stories and rhymes about spiders.

Our art and technology work was centred on spiders and their webs but very few are finished. Pictures of our work will be added when we make our minibeast display next week.

Maths this week was inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark and the children practised counting in two’s. This is an area within the 40-60 month developmental stages that is yet to be achieved by many children within the group. Number bonds to ten was revisited and proved a challenge to some pupils. Look at the game I recommended a few weeks ago. http://www.amblesideprimary.com/ambleweb/mentalmaths/numberbond.html

Our gardeners have worked well under the close eye of Mrs Stephenson as they planted, watered and weeded the early flowers and vegetable seeds that have been sown. Beans and peas are to be planted next week.

Good news, our first tadpole has its back legs. We took it out of the tank to observe under the visualiser. Even closer observation is needed now as directly the first arm appears the tadpole will need a rock which sits above the water level.

Friday was Show and Tell and a big well done to the children who took time to bring in some interesting pictures, models and books about other insects and told us some great facts. Next week we hope to have our first minibeast hunt so bring in any books that might help identification.