Spring Week 1 – Art

Pattern and Line – Henri Rousseau Jungle

Start by Googling paintings by Henri Rousseau. Can you identify key features of the pictures? We are going to be using Rousseau because it lets us use and practise lots of different art skills.

Use the prompt cards in the Power Point (slide 8) and look at the features of the pictures. You can record these in your exercise book if you want to. What do all the pictures have in common?

If you have the equipment (you will need paint, water, a paintbrush and either paper or canvas) you can have a go at creating a ‘wash’. This is often used for the background of paintings. It can be made by using a small amount of paint and lots of water. You then paint the watery paint quickly onto the paper or canvas. Below is a video which shows you how to do this. Decide which setting and weather you would like to create for your painting and off you go!