Success with our Cricket!

On Tuesday the 1st of July a team of 10 girls went to Welwyn Garden City to play cricket. They were not only representing William Ransom but also our part of Hertfordshire. Their first match was against Cowley Hill. The score at the end of the match overall had a very big gap with Cowley Hill taking 185 runs and William ransom taking 268 runs to win the match.

Their second match was against Wheatfield’s who are a very strong school. The team played really well with some excellent catches from many of the team. William Ransom lost the toss so were again forced to bat first. The runs slowly built up and at the end of the match William Ransom had a respectful score of 247 and another win for William Ransom. That put them through to the semi-finals against Ralph Sadlier.

The girls waited 2 ½ hours and then finally they were allowed to start playing Ralph Stadlier gave them a really hard time but we won the toss which meant we could field first! When they came to bat, Ralph Stadlier had 260 but William ransom still had a chance as when the last pair came to bat Catherine Hodge scored a great score of 17 runs with an unbeatable amount of 6s and 4s. William Ransom won with a great score of 262. This meant that we were through to the final, and we were to play Benjeo.

This was the toughest match yet and the girls had to play their hardest but they were not going to put their heads down yet. We fielded first and took 3 wickets. Then it was our turn to bat and we got 143 and we lost by 11 runs. That meant that we came 2nd but it was something to celebrate.