Summary of the parent survey

Thank you to the 84 parents/carers/guardians who took the time to complete the online survey. We were very pleased to see an increase in the number who took part.  

As you know, the survey asks for opinions on the following areas:
– Satisfaction with the school curriculum, teaching, behaviour and communication with parents/carers/guardians;
– Perceived effectiveness of the school’s approaches on key issues such as anti-bullying, homework and SEN;
– Perceptions of how well the school encourages children to work hard at school, be healthy and treat others with respect;
– Perceptions on progression, standard of teaching, happiness of child and support when joining the school;
– Satisfaction with how the school creates a safe environment and provides a healthy dinner menu;
– Perceived effectiveness of school leaders;
– Overall satisfaction with the school and whether they would recommend it;
– Open responses to what is good and what could be improved in the school;

We have 293 children in school, or roughly 200 families, and we had 84 responses equating to about 41% of our families. Overall, the responses were overwhelmingly positive.  

Most parents believe:
– The school provides good support for parents in assisting their child’s learning at home.
– The school encourages children to help people in the local area
– The school provides good pastoral care
– Parents’ evenings are useful and informative
– The school’s test results are very good
– The school teaches children skills they will need for the future
– The school’s approach to special educational needs is very effective; children and parents feel supported by staff
– The school’s sports’ facilities and provisions are excellent
– Staff have a consistent and effective approach in dealing with behavioural issues
– The school’s canteen provides a wide variety of food  
– The Headteacher and staff do a great job
– The clubs and extra-curricular activities are excellent and enjoyed by many children  

A few responses mentioned homework in Reception classes as causing some concern and a small number about the provision of wraparound care.

– The homework in Reception class can seem overwhelming initially, however a consistent approach can make the experience positive for all and it is important that children get into the habit of doing homework. Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher if you need support, advice or different strategies to help at home. The outstanding success of William Ransom children is assisted hugely by the effort of the positive homework habits created in Reception.  Our school community strives for our children to achieve an early solid foundation in literacy and numeracy because these skills allow children free and independent access to all curriculum subjects and act as the keys to unlocking a love of learning as well as success in KS2 and beyond.

– There appeared to be some confusion between extra-curricular activities and wraparound care. Extra-curricular clubs are run in school, either at lunchtime or after school and are managed by William Ransom staff whereas wraparound care offers childcare before and after school and is usually run by an external provider.

– We do understand that wraparound care is in huge demand in Hitchin. At present, Governors have no plans to offer wraparound care on site as, with the large number of extra-curricular activities we offer, we have no suitable available space plus there are additional concerns regarding the administration of any scheme without adding to the workload of our staff.   However, we work closely with local providers and child minders and off-site provision is available – if this is something you would like to access please come and talk to School office staff.  

It is always a pleasure to see and read that so many parents/carers/guardians are delighted with the work that goes on in school. They appreciate all the hard work that goes into ensuring that their children are safe, happy and focused on their learning.  

We value your comments and opinions and please rest assured that every concern is looked into and we hope that many more of you will take part in the next survey.  

Best wishes,

Funda Shibli

(Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee)