Summer Term

We hope you all had a good Easter break, taken time to have a rest and are looking forward to starting another week of learning!

You already have work for the next two weeks, from the original timetable given before the holidays (this is attached again at the bottom of this post). Keep trying to do some work from your English and Maths pack, carry on your reading and keep those TimesTablesRockstars ticking over. There are also lots of suggestions on there for all the other subjects we do in school.

As an additional extra if you would like them, BBC have released daily lesson videos. Follow the link below if you would like to. Make sure you choose Y2!

Another really good resource, suggested by the Government is Oak National Academy. They set out daily lessons that follow a sequence. Each lesson tells you what resources you need and there is a video to watch. If you would like to access this resource use the link below.

There is no set requirement to complete these activities. All activities have been given to you as suggestions for the children to do if they wish too.

We appreciate that you may also be working from home and Home Learning can sometimes prove challenging. Everyone did a great job before the holidays and we look forward to see what you all get up to via Twitter!