Superb win against Mary Exton!

What a superb performance from our players against Mary Exton!

Many of our players were playing their first match tonight and they all had an excellent game. Lily captained the team well, communicating with all the players on the court. Harry M and Samuel worked well together to keep the pace of the game fast but controlled. All players had exceptional throwing and catching skills with almost every pass being accurate. Eliza scored the goals in our first quarter, getting us off to a very good start!

Sunjana and Enya worked well to get the ball around the court, making sure they were in a space, as well as marking their opposition closely. Harry L's accurate shots meant we increased our lead. He was composed and focused, ensuring his shots reached the net.

Our hard work throughout the game paid off. Even though at times we found defending against strong members of the opposition difficult, the end score of 9-0 proved how determined we were to maintain posession!

This was a superb first game for some players, well done to everyone involved!