TagRugby Festival

On Thursday 7th March, a very cold, wet afternoon William Ransom Tag Rugby team took part in the Saracen’s Tournament at Letchworth Rugby club. The pitches were extremely muddy and despite most of the team wearing studs it was still really slippery.

The first two matches were friendlies. This gave all teams the opportunity to get used to the rules and the conditions. William Ransom won their first friendly against St. John’s 3, 2-1 with a try from Harrison and Omar. The second friendly against Offley Endowed was a 1-1 draw with Omar finding a gap in the line to run through and score the try.

The first scoring game was a rematch against St. John’s 3 which William Ransom won 3-1 with Tom having a great game and scoring all three tries.

The second game against Offley Endowed was a 3-2 win by William Ransom with tries from Omar, Harrison and Lauren.

After a two match rest to energise by eating more lunch, the team met Highover who had been undefeated and were looking really strong. It was a well fought game but despite 2 tries by Tom, William Ransom lost 3-2.

The last match against Wilbury 1 was a great game despite the entire team being caked in mud. They kept their line much better and were much quicker to support and grab the slippery tags. Harrison, Leighton and Tom all scored one try to give them a 3-1 win.

As only 3 out of the 5 runners up could go through, it was a long wait for the William Ransom team who were eager to get through to the quarter finals. Luckily they had scored enough tries without conceding too many and therefore went through to play Lordship, a Letchworth school with a good reputation for doing well at rugby tournaments and winners of their group. The team played their best rugby and worked really hard to keep their line; they passed the ball well and were vigilant at trying to tag the opposition. The Lordship team were very fast and scored the first try. In reply a try by Tom. With more tries from Lordship William Ransom fought back with a further 3 tries from Leighton but this was not enough to beat Lordship’s final score of 6

Well done William Ransom you played extremely well and your behaviour on the pitch was exemplary. Thank you also to the parents who transported and supported the children.