The Chicks Arrive!

When Miss Khela arrived in Class 1/2 this morning, three chicks had hatched out over the night. Two chicks looked healthy and moved into a larger cage. The oldest is Bob and he has a dark brown mark on his head. The second is Marley, who is of equal size with a slightly lighter brown marking on his head. Both Bob and Marley have been spending a lot of time together, both huddling together and having firm discussions with one another.
The third chicken had only just arrived and needed further time in the incubator. This chick is called Zoe and she was very sleepy and had no balance at first. Zoe helped the fourth chick to hatch out, called Chirp.
Class 1/2 pupils who were on the school playground at 8.35am were able to witness the hatching of Chirp. Chirp is a vibrant member of the cage, who has a lot to say. All names were picked out of our Class 1/2 box.