The first half of reception have enjoyed their first week at William Ransom!

Half of Oak class and half of Ash class have been enjoying their first week of school this week. The other half will start on Monday. The reception teaching staff have been rather impressed at how well the children have settled into school life so far. Even though the children have only been attending in the mornings this week we have squeezed a lot of activities in!

The children have had a colourful week exploring the story of Mrs Rainbow. They have coloured and made rainbows to decorate our new Rainbow Room (which will be our room for children to do quiet group work), practised writing their name in rainbow colours, sorted coloured objects from Mrs Rainbow's house and made colourful shape houses. We have also been working on the children's listening skills this week. The children made big listening ears to wear on our listening walk where we explored the school to see what different things we could hear. As well as all of our learning tasks, the children have had plenty of time to play and get to know their new classmates and teachers. 

At lunchtimes, the reception children have all been paired with a year 6 buddy who has been helping them to get their lunch and to find their way back to the reception playground during lunchtime play. There are lots of new routines for the children to get used to but they don't seem too fazed by it so far. Let's just hope we are all still smiling by the end of next week when we will have had all 60 new reception children in school for the week!!