The netball teams were away at Highover for their first match of 2015

Both of the netball teams were away at Highover tonight. With two courts available to play on the girls played four quarters of five minutes each.

  Highover had a very strong A-team and it was a very close match which was lost in the last quarter, a final score of 7-6 to Highover . The Highover B-team was less experienced and it was a slower paced match. The Wiilam Ransom girls won 11-0.

  With the rallies coming up just before the Easter, the girls need to use their next few matches and practices to concentrate on their marking, using space on the court and not going into a state of panic which spoils their play. The teams for the rallies will be announced soon so please keep the rally dates free as it would be a shame to be picked but unavailable to play.

   Well done girls keep practising the shooting at break times as goals win games! Thanks once again to parents for their support in giving lifts and cheering the girls on.