The netballers were away at St. Andrew’s

Both of the netball teams walked down to St. Andrew's to play their second away fixture. Playing the game in four rotations of five minutes each was a new experience for the girls.

Once again the 'away' experience was a little overwhelming for some of the A-team girls and our marking and spacing out on the court was slow to develop. The St. Andrew’s girls were very alert and passed accurately so we spent a long time being second to the ball.

Once again these experiences make valuable learning give the girls something to work on in netball practices.

The result for the A-team was a 5-4 win. After being behind in the first three quarters the fourth quarter saw 3 goals which were due largely to a fantastic partnership between Ilyssa and Halcyon.

St. Andrew’s B-team were mainly year 5 girls so the William Ransom team had a slight advantage playing four more experienced year 6’s.The score of 11-0 reflects the excellent shooting by William Ransom.

Well done to all girls who played and more games after half term.

Well done to both teams.