The School Council

The members of the School Council for the year 2016-2017, elected by their classes in October, have had a busy term.

They were keen to raise money for Children in Need and so organised a cake sale, which took place in school on Friday 18th November. All members of the School Council helped to man the stall – setting out the cakes, collecting money and making sure everybody got what they wanted! At the end of the day, more cakes were sold on the playground and the result was a highly impressive £337.38 raised for Children in Need. A huge thank you to everyone who donated cakes for this cause.

The very next day, on Saturday 19th November, some members of the School Council came along to help run two stalls at the Winter Wonderland. They did excellent work on the 'Treasure Hunt' and 'Guess the Name of the Bear' stalls and we are looking forward to finding out how much money they raised. Members of the school council will decide how the money should best be spent, with all decisions being made by the children.

In addition to these events, the School Council have been meeting to make 'Suggestion Boxes' for every class and to design their new badge, as well as bringing to teachers' attention any issues raised by their class-mates.

It has been a very good start for the School Council and we will look forward to more work next term.