The Year 6s Lion King Trip

Each year the Year 6s visit London to experience live West End theatre. Once again we were taking them to see the Lion King, however we weren’t too sure if we would get the backstage tour that we have been lucky enough to have in previous years.

We set off early so that we could have a look at some of the famous landmarks around London and arrived at Whitehall around 11.00am. This meant that Mr Mills could lead the pupils on one of his ‘mystery tours’; a mystery because we are not too sure he knows where he is going! The first stop was Embankment, opposite the London Eye. We then ventured up to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

Next stop was Downing Street and Horse Guards Parade, followed by The Mall and Trafalgar Square. After this we ventured up to Covent Garden where we watched some street entertainers and most importantly… ate our lunch! It was then time to head to the Lyceum Theatre to take our seats for the show.

The show was brilliant, and then to cap it all off we did get to go backstage afterwards and see how they put the whole show together. It is such a small area, it is hard to imagine how everyone can fit in the wings when the show is on. We can now all get ready for our own performance of the Lion King when the staff from Disney will come and visit us. Roll on July!