This is some information about different things that happen in school

What’s happened in 5/6A recently?

This week in creative writing in 5/6A we have been looking at and writing our own fantasy story’s. On Monday we looked at writing a descriptive opening, setting the scene and capturing the reader’s attention. On Tuesday we looked at building suspense and then writing the next two parts of the story: the problem and the climax. Finally, On Thursday we looked at ending the story in a powerful way but still believable by the reader.

On Wednesday, we wrote a description about a street for our spring term assessment. We had 45 minutes to complete the task and wrote more than we expected!

On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year. In assembly Mrs Driver talked about the traditions of the New Year celebrations and we all learned which animal year we was born in. At lunchtime the cooks had prepared a wonderful Chinese lunch. We had sticky Chinese boneless ribs with a delicious stir fry and mandarin and ginger cheesecake. We all very much enjoyed this!

On Thursday we finished our History topic of ‘Britain Since 1930’, finishing with showing our timelines that we had made for homework. We all enjoyed sharing events from 1950 to 2010 which brought up some very interesting conversations and some very detailed questions.

Next week will be Feeling Good Week where we learn about things such as personal and dental hygiene, aerobics, the skeleton and first aid. They have to keep a folder, recording work and some extra notes made after the lesson. This will also be a great opportunity for Year 6 to learn what the responsibility of getting to their lessons on time and also experience how the time table will work at their secondary school.

In French we have also finished a topic. We started by learning how to say the different types of music and to finish our topic, we each performed a rap in groups which were filmed and shown to 5/6W. This was great fun!

Overall, this has been a great week, filled with fun activities.

By Kieran

Every Monday Miss Ayliffe runs a choir for the year 5/6 pupils. At the moment they are rehearsing for a gala day at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It is a great opportunity for the pupils to go and sing in front of a crowd and boost their confidence. They have to learn several songs. One of the hardest songs for them to learn is called O Fortuna, which they have to sing in Latin! The other songs are We Will Remember Them, Vida la Viva and many more.

Every Wednesday after school Miss Eldridge runs a Recycled Fashion club. There are eight members and at the moment they are creating their outfits for the fashion show after the half term. The theme for the show is ‘dreams and memories’. The outfits are made out of recycled materials and at the moment they are looking amazing but they are still working on them in hope to win the competition.

Overall, this has been a good week.

By Isabelle