Today was the day we had all been waiting for!

Today was the day we had all been waiting for!

At long last it started to look as if we really were going to have an expansion!

I arrived in the school car park at 7.30am this morning to be met by the biggest crane I had ever seen and things were starting that early!

It took the best part of the morning to get the 2 large cranes in, the paper work and risk assessments done and the first low loader in! However just in time for the children to watch from the playground, the first module appeared and was craned high above the foundations and placed carefully into position.

The weather was kind and from then on they came think and (almost) fast! The lorries were parked across North Herts, and in radio contact with one another and as long came in the next one was lined up in Stuart Drive and then in Wymondley Rd. Everything happened with military precision!

As I write this at 5.45, they are still working and another module has just rolled through the carpark. The aim is to get 8 in today and, weather permitting, all 40 will be in by Friday!

I hope you are all watching the live webcam and are excited by the process as we are!