Toys old and new have inspired our work this week.

What is a toy museum and how does it work? This was our Monday morning question. Using everybody’s ideas we found some answers and then had a ‘virtual tour’ of the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. With this experience to help us, the children put on their curator badges and started to sort the piles of toys ready to exhibit. The children sorted the toys into teddies and soft toys, transport, books and games and dolls. The next job was to look for evidence that told us if toys were old or new, to find out how they worked and what information was known about them. The children visited all four areas and information labels were written and by the end of the morning the class toy museum was open.

Tuesday saw the arrival of parents and grandparents toys and there were some ‘gems’. Thank you so much. Careful handling and ‘good looking’ meant that hopefully all were returned in good condition. The non-fiction writing was certainly inspired by the items. The large metal ride on horse was a real treat.

The children watched the BBC program ‘Magic Grandad’ who went back in time and introduced toys from the past. In art the toys were drawn and in ICT the remote control cars were out racing down an obstacle course. All groups will have had their turn by next week.

The museum toy shop saw plenty of action in maths as the children found the correct coins to pay. A great game to play at home to provide experience of adding coins.

Chinese New Year was the centre of one PE lesson as the children made up and performed a dragon dance, each group dancing or playing along with the instruments. The second lesson was centred around two Paralympic sports, Boccia and sitting down volleyball. With the rules learnt and the skills practised, next week we should see some real competition.

We have some exciting plans for next week’s lessons but please look at the letter sent home today detailing what your child will need on Monday. It said: The money box your child made for collecting coins for Samali as we are sorting the coins and making our money trail in maths on Monday. An old sock (to make a puppet from) An old cardboard box (any size, shoe box size ideal) A toy bus if they have one.

Next week is of course parent consultations so come ten minutes or so before your time to have a look at your child’s books. Please remember that these meetings can only be ten minutes and hopefully a timer will keep me on track! If more discussion is required another appointment will need to be booked. Have a great weekend!