Trying something new

Class 4/5 have been trying out some new and exciting sports in PE along with aiming for personal bests with indoor athletics.

Over the last few weeks in PE, Class 4/5 have been working on personal bests. We have been using our indoor PE slot to test ourselves on various different indoor athletics activities. Several stations were set up around the hall and they had to work in pairs to record their achievements in each task and then each week they have tried to improve on that result. The activities included; chest push, javelin, long jump, standing jump, vertical jump and speed bounce. The more they have done it, the more confident they have become with performing each task as well as recording each result. They will have one final session this week to see if they can create a new personal best.

Last week we had Leon from Fit 4 Fun come in to do a Boxercise class with the children. They learned all about how they should stand, how to hold their hands and just how fit a boxer needs to be. Again there were different stations around the hall for them to all have a go at. In one corner they were skipping, another they were practising their punches with gloves and pads and in a third corner they were sparing with a partner, trying to take clothes pegs from one another’s t-shirts. They all really enjoyed doing something different and learning some new skills.

This week some of the Year 5s form 4/5 joined the Y3s from 3/4 to have a go at some sports as part of the paralymic roadshow. They were divided into two groups and took it in turns to play sitting volleyball and boccia. Sitting volleyball was played with a balloon so that they had a chance to focus on the skills the game requires. And for boccia they had two different layouts to the court, again concentrating on different skills.