Tuesdays happenings in North Wales!

Already we are at the end of Tuesday, the week is flying by so quickly! We were expecting a day of rain today but we were pleasantly surprised to stay dry for the whole day!

We spent the day in Caernarfon. This is a walled town with an amazing castle. We were met by our tour guides who are old friends of William Ransom and we had a guided tour around the castle. Caernarfon is an English Castle that was never finished. It was built during the reign of Edward I to try to get the Welsh under control.

Caernarfon has seen many sieges and the castle has a range of unique features to help defend it. It was also the sight of the investiture of Prince Charles, when he became The Prince of Wales and we saw the dais where the celebration took place. We climbed right to the top of The eagle Tower where we had fantastic views over the whole town.

After lunch we set off on the town trail. The children were in four groups and they were given a set of directions to follow which would take them around the town. They had a set of photographs which they needed to identify and a Welsh / English dictionary which needed to be completed. It was slightly harder than other years as some of the photographic items had been removed and Caernarfon had had some renovations done which meant that our route had to change slightly! This was fine for those of us who had been to Caernarfon before but Mrs Massey and Mr Hankin had an interesting afternoon!

However, everyone successfully completed the town trail and we all made it back to the bus for the journey back to The Plas.

The children were given cameras today so all the photographs below were taken by them!

That’s all for today from me, but Molly has also written a blog about what has been going on!

Here we are in North Wales, and what a beautiful view we have. We arrived at the Plas Tans Y Bwlch on Sunday late afternoon. We were all amazed at how big and castle like it was. We couldn’t wait to get inside!

The house was even bigger on the inside with high ceilings and beautiful artwork on the walls. As we got told our rooms we were very excited about seeing what they were like. My room was on the top floor and so we were a bit worn out when we got to the top! The staircase was very grand with a rich red carpet. After we had settled down, we couldn’t wait to get started with our week!

On Monday, we went up Mount Snowdon. It was a stunning view! Mr Williams talked to us about the mountain. He also did some experiments. One of them was to see if a piece of moss called sphagnum could make your hands cleaner. Mrs Massey and Mr Hankin squeezed the moss for about fifteen minutes and then Mr Williams asked them what they thought. Mrs Massey said her hands felt fresher and smoother. Apparently, it has something in it that gets rid of bacteria and septic. I would love some of that moss in my house! Maybe this could be the end of hand gel! We learnt about the miners and where they lived and worked. We talked about the pipe running through the mountains and how it destroyed the beauty of the mountains. I found it really interesting as we shared our thoughts and ideas on the different discussions. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Today, Tuesday, we went to Caernarfon Castle. It was King Edward I decision to build the castle as it was an English castle. Our tour guide, talked to us about the defences the English soldiers used. There were some really disgusting ones! Most of them were very clever. There were some really beautiful grounds. After our lunch, we went on a town trail. It was a race to see which group would be the fastest and most accurate. I definitely wanted our group to win! I really liked the town and when we got near the river it looked so pretty and the water was sparkling. It was a great day out and before we go on the bus, we got ice creams. Yum!

The food is really tasty. When I get home I’ll be disappointed when my mum gives me a sandwich for lunch! I am never hungry, and trust me I am normally always hungry! We get table points for the best table and my table as won twice in a row so far! We also have personal points which all are added up at the end of the week. The person with the most points gets a prize. Oooh! I hope I get a lot of points! We get room points too. Each room gets a score out of ten so we have to make sure our rooms are really tidy! Our room is quite tidy-ish! As I said my room is on the top floor, so sometimes when I’ve been up and down quite a few times I feel like I’ve done my workout for the day!

School Journey has been a lot of fun so far! I’m excited for the rest of the trip!

By Molly