Unlikely Friendship Stories

Cherry, Chestnut and Rowan Class had the most fantastic time as authors and illustrators last week. We were so lucky to have Jessica Meserve – local author, artist and Mum to Rowan – come in to work very closely with the children.

The week started with a whole year bubble workshop where Jessica explained to the children how she is inspired for her stories. She described how she does her research and how a simple idea can grow into a story with an important message. She read her latest book to the children, What Clara Saw, and then explained where the original idea had come from.

There followed some quick tips and ideas for the children on how to find two animals who might be a good basis for a story. This created much excitement for homework as the children were even allowed to watch Youtube clips of animals behaving in their natural habitats or doing unusual things.

Jessica then came in every day to offer step-by-step advice to teachers and children on how to create illustrated story books.

The children worked really hard on their books especially once they had been allocated their Reception Buddies. We know how disappointed the Year 6 children were that they could not buddy Each book is dedicated to a child in Reception.