Values Based Education at William Ransom

We are introducing a system called Values Based Education which encourages reflective and aspirational attributes and attitudes.  We hope it will enable the children to be good citizens and prepare them for the future.

We will introduce a new value each month which will become the focus of some of our assemblies and lessons.  If the children are seen demonstrating one of the values they will be given a leaf which will be added to our Values Tree.  These leaves will be celebrated during our Achievers assembly every Thursday.

The value we have chosen for September is respect.  In Key Stage One this is defined as 'thinking of the feelings and rights of others'.  For Key Stage Two it is defined as 'admiring someone for their qualities or achievements and valuing others' ideas'.  Please see below for a list of the values we will be covering.

                         Year 1                                                    Year 2

September       Respect                                                 Courtesy

October            Patience                                                Cooperation

November       Tolerance                                               Empathy

December        Peace                                                   Honesty

 January          Kindness                                               Compassion

February         Thoughtfulness                                       Love

March             Appreciation                                           Humility

April                Integrity                                                  Responsibilty

May                Resilience                                               Courage

June               Perseverance                                         Trust

July                Contentment                                            Friendship