Veolia visit to tell Willow about the three Rs

As part of their Geography, Willow are looking at Waste and Recycling so Veolia and NHDC came to tell them about what happens to our rubbish.

Each year, the Year 4s and 5s in Willow class study Waste and Recycling as part of their Geography lessons. They have collected information about what they waste at home, analysed what they throw away as a class and talked to Mr Burrows about how much we discard as a school. So it was about time we looked at the bigger picture and found out what happens to our rubbish within the county of Herfordshire.

Lizzie from NHDC gave them a presentation about what we waste in the county and what happens to it all. The children had questions to answer as well as the chance to ask some of their own. They took part in a sorting activity to help them learn what to do with all the different types of itmes we throw away and also played a matching game to find the three stages to different processes for recycling materials.

There were some the class already knew. Their generation has grown up with recycling and so they're familiar with what goes in what bin, but it was a chance to hear about what happens after in goes in the bin and next month we'll be off to Waterbeach to see (and smell) what happens once our wheelie bins have been emptied!