Waterbeach Waste and Recycling Centre

On Friday, World Earth Day, Class 4/5 took a trip to the Waterbeach Waste and Recycling Centre in Cambridgeshire. They spent the day learning about the importance of recycling and saw first hand what happens when people don't do enough of it, or don't do it properly. They started the day with a sorting activity followed by a tour of the plant. After lunch they used their old milk cartons to make elephants and used the bottom half as a pot to plant seeds in.

Though it is quite far to go, all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were sad to leave. Many of them earned a prize, a pencil (made from recycled materials of course!), and two special prizes of a notepad were awarded to the two children that stood out for taking part the most. However, this was difficult to decide on because they all played an enthusiatic role on our trip. They listened well; were keen to learn; showed a great interest in being shown things the general public don't get to see and came away fully aware of the consequences when we don't recyle as much as we possibly can, as well as what happens when we don't recyle the right items in the correct way.

A huge thank you to Waterbeach for hosting such a great day, with interesting activities and a brilliant way of delivering it to children. Who would have thought rubbish could be so much fun?

How fitting that we went on this trip on World Earth Day, part of World Recyle Week and the week we did our Recyled Fashion Show for the rest of the school. Pictures and a story about our catwalk performances to follow soon,