We are a Values Based School

William Ransom is a Values Based School. This means we learn about the core values we have in life. We discuss them and try hard to exemplify these values to help to make us better people.

Each half term, we introduce a new value and hope that the children will make an extra effort to demonstrate this value.

Our aim is to build on our high standards by promoting a school ethos which is underpinned by core values that support the development of the whole child.

Through the process of Values Education, the children will be provided with opportunities to reflect upon these values and will be actively encouraged to use them in their school life and in the wider community.

Promoting this ethos has been proven to help children develop emotional maturity, which is the ability to think and talk about their emotional responses, enabling them to make sound choices and take responsibility for their actions. A by-product of this is that their self-esteem and confidence grows.

This is our Values timetable:

  Year 1
Autumn 1 Respect
Autumn 2 Tolerance
Spring 1 Kindness
Spring 2 Trust
Summer 1 Resilience
Summer 2 Thoughtfulness
  Year 2
Autumn 1 Courtesy
Autumn 2 Co-operation
Spring 1 Perseverance
Spring 2 Honesty
Summer 1 Courage
Summer 2 Responsibilty

We hope this will stimulate discussion for you at home and that you can help us reinforce the importance of this value in the world in which we live.

Time will be given in assemblies to introduce and explore the new value.  A fun and stimulating activity will be presented in class, giving the children an opportunity to reflect upon these ideas and relate it to their own behaviour.

If a child is seen demonstrating that value they will be rewarded with a ‘Values Leaf’ by any member of staff including teachers, teaching assistants, midday supervisors, office and premises staff, and the headteacher.  Your child’s success will be shared with the rest of the school in a Thursday Leaves’ and Achievers’ Assembly and finally, their leaf will be displayed on our ‘Values Tree’ in the hall for everyone to see.