We couldn’t ignore the first proper snow of the winter!

We all woke this morning to the first proper snow fall this winter. There wasn't much but enough to make many classes change their lesson plans and for Mrs Driver to think seriously about letting people play on the field at lunchtime!

Looking at the snow and the weather forecast it seemed highly likely we wouldn't get any more snow and much of it would have gone by the end of the day, so a decision was made!

Mrs Driver went round to every class to establish some ground rules and set out clearly where people could and couldn't go and what they were allowed to do where!

Going outside was completely optional but children had to have a change of footwear, we didn't want them sitting all afternoon with wet feet! Depending on their time for lunch they either went out before or after they ate!

Everyone was really well behaved, no-one took advantage and it was lovely to see the year 6 keeping a weathered eye on the reception children.

Plenty of snowballs were thrown – fortunately none hit Mrs Driver! There were snowmen constructed and some children just wanted to run around!

If we do get any more snow, please send your children in with wellies and waterproofs so that they can have a great time!